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Wind Protection

Polartec® Windbloc® provides maximum weather protection from wind, water, and cold conditions.

Our unique polyurethane membrane holds strong against the harshest elements, while still allowing moisture vapor to permeate outside. This resilient membrane structure can be applied to both knit and woven fabrics, allowing Windbloc® to bring fortified weather protection to any design style.

The Barrier Against Bad Weather.

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Windbloc® Features & Benefits







About Windbloc® Technology

Polartec® Windbloc® is an advanced barrier constructed to hold up against the strongest winds.

Windbloc’s membrane blocks outside moisture and airflow at the microscopic level to guarantee weather protection. This durable membrane is capable of resilient stretch for greater range of motion during activity, even in inclement conditions. Windbloc® stops everything, except you.

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Featured Windbloc® Collaborations

Santini & Polartec: Vega XTREME

Santini partnered with Polartec to create the Vega XTREME jacket, part of Santini's new VEGA line of high performance, cold climate cycling apparel. Designed for riding in the harshest weather conditions, it's powered by Polartec’s Windbloc fabric, a 3 layer shield with an advanced microporous membrane for maximum breathability. Santini and Polartec - offering total protection from wind and rain.

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See <a href="/ready-to-roll#protection">Windbloc® styles we have in-stock</a> and chat with our team to learn how other partners have used Windbloc® fabric technology to make innovative new garments.

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