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Power Shield® Pro


Polartec® Power Shield® Pro is the most versatile adaptation of the original soft shell technology.

This resilient 3-layer fabric protects against the elements, but without the stiff hand and loud noise of a hard shell. This allows Power Shield® Pro to provide greater comfort, while defending against strong winds, rain, snow, and even abrasive surfaces. And unlike other protective layers, Power Shield® Pro’s microporous membrane easily releases excess heat and moisture vapor for dry conditions both inside and out.

Armor Against the Elements

Powershield Pro Hero Hex 1200X1200

Power Shield® Pro Features & Benefits







About Power Shield® Pro Technology

Polartec® Power Shield® Pro was the first soft shell to combine breathable comfort with high performance weather resistance.

This 3-layer fabric system is available with multiple interior surface options for greater design flexibility. The outer surface blocks wind while deflecting moisture. Unlike other membrane technologies, sweat vapor moves outside easily through the permeable functional layer without the need for high internal pressure. Power Shield® Pro is the pinnacle of soft shell performance.

Technology Power Shield Pro 2020X1110

Featured Collaborations & Media

rh+ & Polartec: Contador Race Kit

In 2016, we collaborated with rh+ to develop a kit for the Foundation Contador cycling team and help push the limits of their performance abilities. Using Power Dry and Power Shield Pro, this new cycling kit was engineered in the lab and tested in the hardest race conditions. Together we advanced the science of cycling through the science of fabric.

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